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Hellfire EPH-150

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Mfg Part#: 626570615118 Sku: 228743766
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UPC 14: 00626570615118
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Hellfire 100 Capsules Innovative Labs Hellfire EPH 150 - Fat Burning Metabolic Incinerator! Hell Fire EPH 150 is an extremely powerful thermogenic supplement that can help you reach your weight loss goals faster than ever before. Hell Fire 150 blends several well known weight loss ingredeints with a couple of new school ingredients to make this an all-in-one natural herbal energizing fat burner. Hellfire EPH 150 highlights Include: Burn more body fat Increased energy levels Increased mental focus Increased stamina Appetite suppression Hellfire EPH 150 is designed for fast and effective weight loss. The powerful blend of fat shredding ingredients in Hellfire at Paramount-Supplements are like nothing you have tried before. Innovative Bio Labs has taken fat burning up a notch by adding 150 mg of Ephedran and 150 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous in this body shaping product! If you are looking for a product that has one of the highest doses of ephedra, then consider looking into Hellfire Eph 150. This product, offered by Innovative Labs, has a full 150 mg of ephedran extract, which is certainly much more than your average diet pill these days. Obviously, this should not be used by someone just starting out due to its potentially high potency. One the other hand, someone who is into very heavy training, like a competitive body builder or weight lifter, might find Hellfire with Ephedra very valuable during times when they need to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. What Comes In Each Bottle Of Hellfire Eph 150? Each bottle of 100 pills is currently being sold for under $34, retail. The typically recommended use is one capsule (which is a single serving) taking up to three times a day. Most people will only use one or two capsules in a day however. It may be used 30 minutes before eating or working out. The main active ingredient in this product is something that has been termed 'ephedran.' This is, interestingly enough, something that the supplement makers have trademarked. Therefore, all we are told about this is that it is some sort of ephedra extract. Of course, there is still 150 mg of this mixture, which is more than most other fat burning or weight reducing pills. There are also additional ingredients included in Hellfire Eph 150 mg caps for the purpose of making this supplement even more effective. With 150 mg of caffeine, you will find that it is also an all-in-one EC (ephedra + caffeine) stack. The caffeine is known to enhance the effects of ephedra, increasing the potential fat burning and weight loss effects. There are other ingredients which are also thought to enhance and extend the fat burning effects of ephedra and caffeine. This includes DMAA, Geranium oil, and EGCG. Another reason why these extra ingredients are included is because they have been reported to ensure even blood sugar levels during times of dieting and increased metabolism. Which Type Of Ephedra? While all of the above does sound interesting and gives this product the potential to help with your weight reduction efforts, there is at least one major question. What type of ephedra does Hellfire EPH actually use? The problem you should have here is the fact that the label tells nothing about which type of ephedra is included. Sure, there is 150 mg of this proprietary blend included, but what is it? Did you know that there are many different types and species of the ephedra plant? Typically, when most people refer to 'ephedra' they mean the ephedra sinica plant, which originates in China. This is the plant which has the highest concentration of the most potent active ingredient, ephedrine. Without ephedrine, there really is not much benefit to taking any type of ephedra-based supplement. Since there are many different plants, it is impossible to know which ephedra plant was used in the Hellfire Eph 150 formulation. Could it be the ephedra sinica plant? Highly unlikely. After all, the supplement makers understand all of this very clearly. If it had the most superior form of ephedra, this would certainly be something they would advertise. How about possibly the ephedra viridis or the ephedra nevadensis plants? These are both reported to contain so little ephedrine that they are effectively not even worth considering.
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